Real Estate Inspections in Miami

Get a detailed look at the systems of your property

A home inspection gives you a better understanding of the way the systems work in your home. It is a visual examination that brings to light any major deficiencies that may need to be further evaluated or remedied. We treat every home inspection as an educational experience to teach you how to continue to look for problems that may arise after years of owning your property. There are several reasons a professional home inspection would be needed. For example, you may want to learn what condition your home is in before you sell, or you may want to see if the home is worth investing in before you’re about to purchase. Typically you have a 7-10 day inspection period to make that decision.

At Core Property Inspections we are Florida State Licensed Home Inspectors who perform same-day inspections. Our team is highly trained to provide the most thorough evaluation of your property. We provide reports within 24 hours after your inspection is complete. Customers’ needs are our main priority and we have established a reputation that mirrors excellent service.

Contact Core Property Inspections today to schedule a visit from a certified Home Inspector. Their friendliness, knowledge and dedication to service are well-known, and you can experience it for yourself.