Windstorm Mitigations in Miami

Florida is known for many things, and unfortunately, one of those is hurricanes. Longterm South Florida residents still remember the devastating effects of Hurricane Andrew, but many others have made an impact on Dade and Broward residents since that time. But it was that colossal storm that changed Florida building codes for the better. Andrew caused over $25 billion in damages, mainly in Homestead, but all over Miami-Dade County. This certainly got the attention of builders, policymakers, and specialists in the insurance industry. They found that there was no uniform building code, or the codes were based on outdated or faulty data. Thus, homes were built with structural imperfections, sometimes made with the wrong type of materials, and consequently broke apart in the storm. There are numerous stories of survivors hiding under mattresses and doors after the roof had blown off their home. 

After that devastation, in 1995 the Standard Building Code was implemented throughout the state, which set the high-wind standards for buildings. Then in 2002, more building codes were added from the International Building Code. Finally, in 2004, the comprehensive code was adopted by the entire state. 

Florida learned a tough lesson, but residents living in homes constructed after 2002 were built following specific safety standards. Homeowners in houses built before that time, however, may require updates in order to protect the structure’s integrity. At Core Property Inspections in Miami, we care about protecting Florida residents and helping them save money with tax credits they can apply once they get a windstorm mitigation inspection. 

Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection is one of the ways to ensure you protect your home and save money. An inspector will come and analyze:

  • The shape and pitch of your roof
  • The connection of your roof to the walls
  • The condition of shingles and bracing
  • All entryways, including doors and windows

While wind mitigation inspections are optional, the cost is very low compared to how much you will save. The average inspection costs about $120. The value of the inspection, however, could be in the thousands, depending on the current condition of your roof, and how much risk you’re in of facing severe damage. 

Wind Mitigation Credits

By law, insurance companies in the state of Florida are required to reduce your premium once you have gotten the wind mitigation inspection done. The Wind Mitigation Credit is valid for up to five years. After that point, you will need to get another wind mitigation inspection in order to continue receiving the credit. Your wind mitigation inspector will be able to give you the necessary documents that you will need to provide to your insurer. 

There are other credits you can possibly receive in addition to the Wind Mitigation Credit. You may also qualify for opening protection Class A (Hurricane Impact) or Class B (Basic Impact), the following must be impact-resistant:

  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Garage doors
  • Vents
  • Roof gables
  • Plumbing vents