Thermal Inspection Miami

Thermal Inspection

The act of buying a home is filled with many emotions. Most likely, it is the largest purchase an individual or family will ever make, and being able to accomplish this goes hand in hand with a great deal of pride but also with worry that the property is solid and the finances are there to back it up. That is why it becomes so important to make sure any possible problems are discovered prior to your family moving in.

Schedule a Thermal Inspection in Miami

Including a thermal inspection when buying a property can protect both your family’s health and safety as well as your investment in the home. And if you are purchasing a commercial property, this applies to you as well.

Adding infrared technology to a standard home or commercial property inspection may help uncover small but important changes in temperature in different areas of the property. Problem areas that may be identified this way, may not be something that a standard inspection can reveal.

What Can Infrared Imaging Reveal?

Hidden mold problems, leaks or termite nests, electrical, heat and energy loss, structural and foundation cracks, missing insulation, rodent infestations, ventilation glitches, are just some examples of issues that thermal radiation can detect, and finding them before they become noticeable to the naked eye can save you a bundle in the long run.

Specify Your Concerns

Whether you know of a problem that you have experienced or that has been pointed out to you, it’s recommended that you mention your concerns to Core Inspections before they start. The more information we have going in, the more we will focus on that and other issues we may find.

What is Included in Your Report?

Your report will include not only the basics of what we found but also a thorough interpretation of the results. Our aim at all times is to assist our clients in determining what actions you may need to take.

The report will indicate what camera and settings were used during the inspection. The weather conditions present that day will also be noted. This information can serve as a comparison basis should you do another inspection in the future

Why Core Property Inspections?

At Core Property Inspections we add value to your thermal inspection. By being able to correctly and accurately interpret the results, you will receive actionable information as to when you need to schedule the necessary repairs.

What We Do:

  • We clearly explain to you the limitations of thermal imaging.
  • We help you understand that this inspection by no means can predict the future, issues that show up today and get fixed, don’t necessarily have to recur in the future

What We Don’t Do:

  • We will not unduly alarm you. Thermal inspections are a first step in diagnosing a problem, but you need to confirm it further.
  • We will never overwhelm you with technical terms that only serve to confuse you
  • We will not offer to repair the problems that we find through a thermal inspection. We will always defer repairs to professional contractors.

At Core Property Inspections we are standing by to serve you whenever you need a reliable thermal inspection. Give us a call today.

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